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Facescape in-between a physio-algorithmic compendium

Second session: Facing FACETS (University of Turin)

31 mrt. 2023

Silvia Barbotto, University of Turin

The dimensionality of contemporary inhabiting lies, on the one hand, in the aspectuality of the physical, ontological, phenomenal entity, and on the other hand in its digitized and fulfilled synthesis in the ethereal zone of e-society, often vitalized by artificial intelligence. In between, the sense of a hybrid, pulsating, creative, extended world becomes manifest.  Semiotics, as a discipline that specializes in the study of signs and the stabilization of fluid categories, is invoked to deal with the relationship and transition among the two magnitudes, giving foundation to and composing the mediation in which the processes of reading, writing, translation and transduction between one sphere and the other take place: signification thus settles in the incorporation and unbundling of intersecting spaces, of physical-algorithmic magnitudes articulated individually and collectively in the interlude that such dynamism generates and propitiates. take the example of the face: while the embedded face tends to give evidence of the material substance whose form it conveys, the virtual face, on the other hand, tends to be the speaker for a transient dematerialization destined initially to occupy the ephemeral state of binary language and then, at times, to slide into that of disappearance. We focus on understanding the constitution of the in-between including the reflection into dichotomies and binarisms and experimenting with audiovisual images with a reduced data set coming from personal compendium and ai creation.

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